Citrin SMALL BEES Earrings


You name a colour, they’re there, my bees! There are as many colours as the natural shades that natural gemstones can have. These ones carry a citrine cabochon, and are entirely handmade in yellow gold and black & white diamonds. They are also available in the “Large” size with the same color shade. In case you don’t find the perfect colour for you, the “Bees earrings” (both Large and Small) are fully customizable! Let me know what colour you’d love to see them in and I will find the perfect gemstone!

(Available in two weeks on order)

– Citrine quartz cabochon
– 18kt yellow gold
– Black and white diamonds

Handcrafted with ♥ in Rome.

What a precious animal the bee is, a creature that has always inspired me from different points of view: from its ability to actively participate in a community, to be extremely precise and hardworking, fundamental for the correct development of the ecosystem we love so much, and last but not least, its ability to create geometric structures of millimetric precision and make them functional and fascinating.

A versatile jewel, suitable from everyday life to the most important occasions.

Diamonds help to keep away the senseless fears, towards those events that do not concern us, those things that are not part of our lives.

Citrine quartz increases self-esteem and confidence. It promotes a sense of individuality, confidence and the courage to live.

– Yellow gold 18kt
– Citrine quartz cabochons
– White diamonds 0.10 ct
– Black diamonds 0.06 ct

Handcrafted with ♥ in Rome.

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