Drop Earrings


Gli orecchini pendenti “Goccia” sono realizzato in Oro Bianco 18 Carati e impreziositi da Topazio Blu e Diamanti Bianchi dal taglio brillante.

DETTAGLI: – oro bianco 18 ct – topazio – diamanti Realizzato a mano con ♥ a Roma.White gold 18kt, diamonds, blue topaz.

The “Drop” pendant earrings are made of 18K White Gold and embellished with Blue Topaz and brilliant-cut White Diamonds.

This piece is entirely handcrafted in Rome, Italy and every step of the process is done with care.

Diamonds enhance the topaz with pure light, and do the same with the features of the wearer’s face. A day and night summer dream, which carries the nuances of the waves caressed by the sun’s rays on the face.

Blue topaz improves mental and verbal abilities, as well as improves attention span and concentration.

The diamond brings love and clarity to romantic relationships and friendships. Furthermore, it is a sign of commitment and fidelity and instills trust in relationships and situations.


– 18 ct white gold

– topaz

– diamonds

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