MATAU pendent

My interest and passion for New Zealand Maori culture began about 20 years ago, after leafing through a book on the meanings of symbols and stones in Aboriginal culture.

These symbologies can often be traced back to meanings linked to life, in particular the “hook” (Matau) symbol that appears on this necklace, is linked to fishing, necessary for the aborigines to sustain life.

It is no coincidence that I decided to combine the image of the hook with the iconography of the arrow. I chose orange and gold shades to emphasize the brilliance of the entire piece.

Jade, particularly nephrite jade, is characterized by this specific shade of bright green. It is also one of the most resistant stones, which is why it is very simple to model and give shape to different symbols.

Do you also know that nephrite jade raises awareness of love for one’s neighbor and for all of nature, instilling courage, justice and inner wisdom?

– 18 kt yellow gold
– Nephrite jade
– Brown diamonds
– Baroque pearl

Handcrafted with ♥ in Rome.

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